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Duct Cleaning

VENTCORP is known for the most advanced cleaning methods and equipment available in Michigan and our duct cleaning process stays true to that. “Commercial Grade” Truck-mounted vacuums with the ability to be revved up to extremely high CFMs and 38 Hepa vacuum bags! Along with the powerful vacuum units, we use huge air compressors capable of blasting out air at 200 PSI. Ventcorp has internal collector bags that stay dry and strong in wind, rain and snow. As a local Michigan duct cleaning company, our equipment is made for Michigan weather and positioned for precise maintenance and up keep.

It is very important to have every square foot of the entire ventilation system cleaned at the same time. This includes the entire return and supply sides of the system, along with having the blower motor and the entire vent covers removed and cleaned. If you have any vent covers you prefer not to be disturbed please inform your technician.

NADCA has very strict standards all members must follow. It’s important to know that there are not a lot of different ways air ducts can be cleaned. The following steps should be followed to obtain a proper air duct cleaning:

  1. First we come out with a large truck-mount unit, bring in an 8-inch hose and attach it to the two main trunk lines that run off your furnace. This is done by cutting 8-inch access holes into the trunks. When the cleaning is complete, we patch it with a 10×10 piece of sheet metal and sheet metal screws. Ventcorp also takes an additional step to caulk each patch. Our duct cleaning process includes the extras, even in the places you don’t see.
  2. We then start up the engines (outside) and create a negative air pressure, or a suction, throughout the entire house so all the vents are sucking air for the duration of the clean; this is a very important step that prevents dirt from entering your home, extracting it directly to our trucks.
  3. We then take a long viper rod, attached to an air compressor on the truck, and send it down each vent, blasting the dirt off the walls of the ducts (with special attachments), sending it in the direction of the suction.
  4. The returns or intake vents (the dirtiest part of the system) are then cleaned the same way.
    Note: The best and most thorough method recommended by NADCA is to remove all of your vent covers so they can be cleaned inside and out. If there are any painted on-vents, we try to be as gentle as we can, scoring it with a razor blade first, to minimize any chipping. However we realize that this is not always the preferred option for our customers. We have tools that can clean painted on registers from above and below without removing the vent cover depending on their location and access.
  5. After all the ducts have been cleaned, we go back to the main trunk line and clean each one separately, pushing all the debris directly from your system into our trucks.

We finish by cleaning the blower motor, plenum, A coils and return riser. The only area we don’t go into is the heat exchanger (where the flames are). We clean the entire air conveyance system with our duct cleaning process!

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