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Air Duct Cleaning


The EPA has performed studies that concluded the average Michigan home accumulates as much as 41 pounds of dust per year. Dust is compiled of more than just dirt, it contains everything that is in the air around you including, pet dander, dust mites, carcinogens for kitchen smoke, and much more.

Luckily, a dust problem is simple to diagnose, and in most cases simple to fix. How do you know if you have a dust problem? The following are some simple questions to ask yourself so you can determine whether or not you have a dust problem.

  • Are you dusting more than usual?
  • Do you smell anything unusual when you turn on your furnace or AC?
  • Do your air vents have a thin coating of dust (either black or grey), or does your vents have black marks around the vent grills?
  • Are you, or your family, suffering from allergies or breathing problems while you’re at home?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have a dust problem in the air ducts of your home. Our Michigan air ducts cleaning company can help. Ventcorp is the leading air duct cleaning service in Michigan. Schedule your air duct cleaning today.

Dryer Vent Cleaning


A clothes dryer is in almost every home in Michigan, and most people use it a minimum of twice a week. if not every day. A dryers purpose is to take the heat and moisture out of clothing, then to exhaust the heat and moisture out through a dryer exhaust duct & vent to the outside of the house. Clothes dryers can be vented through very long exhaust ducts, and generally will have multiple bends in the exhaust tube. These bends create more places where lint can collect and clog the dryer exhaust tube and vent. This is how dryer fires start. Our dryer duct cleaning service in Michigan is affordable and performed with the highest level of care and efficiency. Give us a call to schedule a dryer vent & duct cleaning, (313) 551-4011.


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Our air duct cleaning services include:

CAMERA INSPECTION: We can sometimes find lost items! Also just let your technician know if you would like to see a video shot before and after the cleaning. We do not run the viewing equipment during the cleaning due to the tight vacuum seal and turbulent activity.

DRYER VENTS: Blocked dryer vents may cause higher drying temperatures, resulting in fires, shorter life span of your dryer, clothing damage and increased energy costs. Here at Ventcorp, we will not only clean the lint out of your dryer vents, but are prepared to replace any vinyl or tinfoil ducts from the dryer to the wall with proper metal ducting for a minimal charge.

FILTERS: Every home’s heating and air conditioning system includes an air filter. The primary purpose of the filter is to prevent small dust particles from accumulating on the components of your furnace. Unfortunately, debris that contributes most to indoor air pollution is small enough to pass through the average filter. By upgrading to a higher efficiency filter you can help to reduce indoor air pollution. After Ventcorp has performed your air conditioner duct cleaning, please remember to change your filters on a regular schedule.

SANITIZERS: Sanitizing in residential homes is not usually necessary. In a three-year study NADCA conducted with the EPA, they found that the walls of residential air ducts were not conducive to mold growth because the zinc in the galvanized steel was found to be a natural mold inhibitor. Where it did grow (if at all) was in the dirt particles, and with proper source removal it could all be removed during the cleaning without the use of sanitizers. Ventcorp is a licensed sanitizer, Michigan requires a Pesticide Application License our license #470100. Our sanitizer is called Sporicidin. Only on a limited occasion do we recommend it, such as after a flood. NADCA does not recommend “deodorizers or fresheners”. Total source removal is the key to removing odors from a ventilation system. The debris in the system can often hold the odors. Sanitizer is always available on our trucks if needed.